Guild Wars PvP


Player versus player (PvP) is a style of gameplay that pits players against each other in a competition. The objective in PvP is to defeat the opposing team(s), which can be accomplished by one of several different means, depending on the format. This could be capturing control points, defeating the opponent's Guild Lord, scoring a higher kill count or just regular deathmatch.In addition to using PvE characters, another choice is to create a PvP character. PvP characters have unlimited access to any character options that have been unlocked on that account: runes, weapon modifications, skills, insignia, etc. These can be unlocked by finding them in PvE or by spending Balthazar faction, or by spending real money to purchase unlocks. Many guilds that focus on PvP play "require" a PvP-only character for membership because of the flexibility in changing configurations that they provide, as a strong PvP player is expected to be able to play multiple classes and multiple builds well.

Introduction into Guild Wars PvPEdit

Syrah's PvP Guide for Dummies

A introduction into some of the content of Guild Wars PvP written by User:Syrah Thak.  Please feel free to take a look and to post any feedback on the discussion page.

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