High-end or Elite missions refers to content designed to challenge high level and well organised teams, often proving far more challenging for players who find difficulties with the standard PvE content. These areas tend to take a larger time commitment to complete and are typically populated with high-level foes, along with internal quests to complete.

As with missions, there are no resurrection shrines and you will be returned to your previous location should your party die, or quest-related NPCs die. As an incentive for players to take part, most have chests that drop high quality and (in same cases) unique skinned items. In several, bosses drop unique weapons unobtainable elsewhere in the game. Other areas, such as Underworld, Fissure or Woe and Domain of Anguish, also have unique drops, such as Globs of Ectoplasm in Underworld and Obsidian Shards in the Fissure of Woe, rare materials only found in their respective locations. Domain of Anguish has the unique items in the form of a set of gemstones (which later allow for the crafting of Tormented Weapons).

Elite Areas Edit


Underworld Statue Fissure Of Woe Statue

Although not officially classified as elite missions, The Underworld and the Fissure of Woe are two very challenging areas accessible through all campaigns. Entry to these areas are only granted to Ascended characters (Prophecies), Weh no Su characters (Factions) or Nightfall characters who have completed the Hunted! quest.

Access to these areas is only granted by being in one of several locations:

  • Temple of the Ages (Prophecies)
  • Lornar's Pass (Prophecies) which allows for access to the Underworld via a statue to Grenth within the explorable.
  • Zin Ku Corridor (Factions)
  • Chantry of Secrets (Nightfall)

Entry is done by means of kneeling at certain statues of the gods only when the world has the Favor of the Gods, which is controlled through titles, and the payment of 1k (1000 gold) to either the Voice of Grenth or the Champion of Balthazar. When the world doesn't have the Favor of the Gods, it is still possible to gain entry by use of a Passage Scroll to either respective location.

Both Missions require your party to complete numerous quests to conquer it. Like other elite missions a chest spawns upon completion which gives each player several drops. Completion also allows the player to display a unique statue within their character's Hall of Monuments (should they have Eye of the North on their account).

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